Książ Castle offers rooms in three different hotels, all situated on the castle grounds. All three hotels will be at disposal of conference participants and you will be able to choose what kind of room and in which hotel you'd like to have booked for you. 

We encourage you to take this opportunity and enjoy your time at this beautiful location. Why not visit the gardens surrounding the castle or one of the art exhibitions held inside during one of the breaks or even after the conference ends?

Książ Castle

Książ’s first centuries were marked by a number of stormy events. It changed hands often, belonged to various states, and was destroyed during the numerous wars that were waged there. We indeed know little about the beginnings of today's castle, and much is missing and unclear, and even contradictory, in its earliest records.
Nowadays Książ Castle is a thriving tourist attraction, being the largest castle in Silesia and the third-largest in Poland. It hosts many art exhibitions and festivals, and is a staple of Polish culture.

NIP and Regon

NIP 896-000-53-54

REGON 000001867
EORI PL896000535400000


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Kożuchowska 7 st.

51-631 Wrocław, Poland


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Project co-financed from the state budget funds granted by the Minister of Science as part of the "Doskonała Nauka II" programme

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